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Forgotten stars of the Soviet automobile industry

Soviet sports cars, auto rarities of USSR


Soviet sports cars - ZIS-112

Centralized economy suggests a lack of competition in general and between car manufacturers, in particular. However, the theory of Marxism-Leninism - is one thing and practice - is quite another. And in sports - even more so. Plant name of the Stalin simply could not respond to the emergence of GAS-C1 (Victory-Sports) his sports car. So in 1951 came the ZIS-112.

Fortunately, the factory was still a person with experience in creating sports cars on the chassis of a limousine, one of those who built the ZIS-101 Sport in 1939 - Valentine germs. It was he who developed the design and overall layout of the new sports car on the chassis of the ZIS-110.


ZIS-112. 1951

Design of the car was really avant-garde - in the best traditions of the dream-cars ("dream-car" - as in the mid-twentieth century, called concept cars): a huge, almost six-meter triple with a round grille and single headlamps. At the factory car styled "Cyclops" or "One-eye." By the way, on a ZIS-112 and appeared for the first time the combination of white and blue later became traditional for the factory team.


Originally installed on the vehicle serial 140-hp engine ZIS-110. But for a sports car weighing almost two and a half tons (2450 kg) he was, to put it mildly, weak, and in the same year, the ZIS-112 was installed experimental engine, designed by Vasily F. Rodionov. The new eight-cylinder engine volume of 6005 cubic centimeters. with top inlet and bottom outlet valves, which allowed to keep the old cylinder head, but with a larger diameter intake valves, dual carbs MKZ-LZ, developed the power to 182 hp at 3500 rev / min. Also included were: oil cooler, two oil pumps, manual control of ignition timing. Maximum speed was ... 204 km / h!


ZIS-112. 1954

But remained a number of unresolved issues. In the first place - the engine. As for the ZIS-101 Sport, the eight-unit ZIS-112 was ... line! And so terribly long. Weight distribution car was far from ideal, the sports car turned out, the designer said, "tadpole" - that is, with very severe head-on, which contributed to failure of a bank.


ZIS-112 went to the start line on race Minsk highway, but soon the drivers and constructors, it became clear: this machine, even for such competition is not appropriate.


ZIS-112. 1954

In 1954, the base of the car was reduced to 600 mm (from 3760 to 3160 mm), and the overall length has decreased from 5920 to 5320 mm. The changes were made and the power unit: the compression ratio increased from 7.1 to 8.7 units, there were still two carburetors, which helped lift is 192 hp at 3800 rev / min. The maximum speed increased to 210 km / h - an unprecedented figure for domestic sports car! The final problem was the sleek hood - engine heat intensity was such that the cabin had nothing to breathe!


Season 1955 has shown a complete failure and this version. USSR Championships have taken up the ring road in Minsk. The ring, however, was very peculiar: two cross-roads connected the highway, creating a circle of 42 km in length - perhaps the longest "race track" in the world! Nevertheless, there is required more maneuverable vehicles, rather than on the slopes of linear races, and their flexibility in LIS-112 continued to be problems. It is time to other events and other vehicles, and the Soviet dream-car ended his life at the factory backyard.

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