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Forgotten stars of the Soviet automobile industry

Soviet sports cars, auto rarities of USSR


Soviet sports cars - Sokol-650

Repeatedly mentioned that after the victory in World War II in the higher echelons of the Soviet Union, intoxicated by the euphoria of actually winning a grand, there was a seditious thought - encroach on the sacred and create your own car, "Formula 1". With this purpose, as part of the Soviet-German joint-stock company "Avtovelo," and was created by the technical group to develop world-class race car. Semi-secret organization called NTBA, which stands for Scientific and Technical Bureau of Automotive and work there German experts, mainly from the firm's "Auto-Union" - professionals with a capital R, real professionals, unlawfully lined hand at creating a dozen race cars.

The result of this collaboration and the emergence in 1952, the car "Sokol-650" international race, "Formula 2". But, in fact, it was just a deep modification of the pre-war "Auto-Union".

Aluminum body based on the frame side members of the 85-mm chrome-molybdenum tubes. Front suspension the car is independent, torsion bar, rear - dependent torsion bar type "De Dion". Wheels with 17 inch tires attached to the central hubs such as nuts, "Rudzh-Whitworth." Wet "Sokol-650" had a mass 790 kg, which accounted for 53% of rear-wheel drive - almost perfect weight distribution!

In search of optimal solutions for creating propulsion vehicle, the designer came to the same decision as the IA Gladilin designing "Moskvich-T5" twenty years later - multi-cylinder V-engine with less than two liters, or more precisely - V12 with two overhead camshafts in the cylinder head, the volume of 1990 cubic centimeters. With four carburetors "Solex" engine gave 152 hp at 8000 rev / min, vystrelivaya car to a speed of 260 km / h!

The engine was located behind the seat the pilot, the rear axle, which provides the balance of the axes. Transmission to dock with the engine and joined the main gear fixed to the frame. Fuel tank capacity 135 liters located between the seat and power unit - almost the exact center of the base.

The racing "Sokol-650" was involved only one single time - the summer of 1952 in the championship of Moscow. Unfortunately, the German precision faced Russian carelessness - the motor was poorly regulated, and the falcon has never reached the finish line. After the unsuccessful main initiators of the project lost all interest in him and in the future Soviet "Sokol - 650", instead of international motor racing track and big victories, and saw dust in the Museum of Transport in Dresden.

Let this car has never achieved success on the sports field, but without it, most likely, there would not be unique, this "formula" GD1 engine created for AZLK in the early 1970s.

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