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Forgotten stars of the Soviet automobile industry

Soviet sports cars, auto rarities of USSR


Soviet sports cars - Salute

The euphoria of victory in the terrible war of 1941-1945. did not allow party leaders to sleep. Even more so - as a trophy in the country has got dozens of cars "Auto Union", sent to study in the U.S., factories VMS, GAS, MZMA, some sports clubs, and certainly gave food for thought serious engineering. In particular, experts conducted a comprehensive study of U.S. one of the racing models and report on this work was sent to all interested engineering teams.

Despite the economic difficulties of the early postwar years, Minavtoprom the spring of 1946 the USSR created by CDB Glavmotoveloproma design teams, led by Alexander Peltcer (parallel work on the consciousness of race cars, but the class of "Grand Prix" were closed in the Soviet-German joint-stock company "Avtovelo" created in the occupied area of ​​Germany) .. He proposed the idea of ​​creating a special racing car for establishing speed records in the smallest class of machine - a working volume of 350 cc., The result of which was a series of record-breaking car "Star".


Salyut-M. Near and A. and M. Peltcer Derkovsky

Already in the spring of 1948, working with Michael Maximovitch Derkovskim, A. Peltcer built a record-car racing "Salute." The car was equipped with a two-stroke engine cooling water from racing motorcycle CC-1 (346 cm3, 47 hp.. At 6000 rev / min), but tests conducted in August showed that the car needs serious revision, which was carried out all winter, in parallel the manufacture of parts for a racing engine M-5A (500 cm3 engine class predstavlyayuschyuy a further development of motor racing SC-1, designed and built by the Soviet CB N 10, in force in the society "Avtovelo" in Germany).


Upgraded "Salyut-M" was prepared in May 1949, and was different from previous versions of arrangement of the engine (inside the base), the rear suspension (the former was replaced by longitudinal counterweight arms with rubber bushings twisting), a lightweight aluminum body, which is now not covered wheel.

Unfortunately, the engine M-5A has not been brought to mind, and so on "Salyut-M", "temporarily" employed all the same engine GK-1. From GK-1 was also used four-and gearbox, and brakes and wheels (tire size 4,50-16 inches) from the "Moskvich-400", the steering mechanism of the GAZ-20. All units were attached to the frame side members of the large-diameter pipes (80 mm).

7th June 1949 VN Silantyev on "Salute-M" set a record in the class-Union 350 cm3 at a distance of 1 km with start from the place - 95.617 km / h, but further work on the car for various reasons have been stopped.

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