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Forgotten stars of the Soviet automobile industry

Soviet sports cars, auto rarities of USSR


Soviet sports cars - Pioneer

Despite widespread racing circuit, the interest in linear arrivals not completely died out, and record their own race did not die. They have degenerated into something more. In the 1960s, cars racing for the line created from scratch with a clean slate and not based on "Pobeda" or ZISov, which gave a very different capabilities.

Moreover - new groups were born! Designer to experiment, before the former is simply impossible to do what 5 years ago seemed impossible or insane.

Creation of the car meant a Group VIII record arrivals - the group which participated in cars with gas turbine engines. Firstborn was vehicle "Pioneer 1", created by Ilya Aleksandrovich Tikhomirov in 1960 based on the "Kharkov-L1" - the first car Laurent.

Instead of a piston engine car was equipped with two gas turbines, located along the sides of the right and left of the driver. The chassis and body have not changed, only along the sides of IA Tikhomirov mounted air intake duct, and in front of the rear wheels - Exhaust gas cap off. This is a slightly increased width of the machine, and with it the frontal area.

Total power turbines of 100 HP at 50 000 rev / min. The second stage of each turbine by reducing planetary gearbox was connected to a central summing gear. Away torque is transmitted to the main gear, saved from the "Kharkov-L1." Vehicle weight was 485 kg, and thanks to the installation of some equipment (equipment for the injection of water-alcohol mixture, as well as additional automation devices and control), "Pioneer 1" could participate in class 1 (up to 500 kg) and in class 2 (500-1000kg). In the first case of its speed was 303 km / h, in the second - 307 km / h. In general, the "Pioneer 1" became the first Soviet record car to break the threshold of 300 km / h!

In 1962, the total capacity of turbines was reduced to 135 hp at 50 000 rev / min, and the weight of the car close to the mark "500" almost right - 495 lbs. As before, changing the weight of the vehicle, Tikhomirov continued to participate in the two groups. His result for a distance of 1 km from the start of the course - 306.6 km / h was not only the first record of the country in a new class of gas turbine vehicles weighing up to 1,000 kg, but the new absolute speed record of the USSR on the car.

Before the next season of "Pioneer" has undergone regular upgrades, getting index of "-2M". GTE was now power 160 hp, and a ceiling rate of close to the coveted mark of 400 km / h. September 1, 1963 IA Tikhomirov participated at the wheel, "Pioneer-2M" in record races at dried salt lake Baskunchak. In a class of Group VIII made at a distance of 1 km from the start of the course with an average speed of 311.4 km / h. This figure in 1963 was higher than the international record!

Results from 1961 to 1972, Tikhomirov for "Pioneer" was established union and 13 world speed records, including an absolute speed record for all-union (311.4 km / h). But mostly, perhaps, was that the "Pioneer" signified not only a new group, but a new era in the history of Soviet motorsport.

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