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Moskvich-407 Coupe

Soviet sports cars - Moskvich-407 Coupe
Moskvich-407 Coupe

Perhaps there is hardly a race car driver who has never heard the name of Leo Shugurova. Even today his name is known readers of magazines, "the wheel", "fifth wheel" and many others in his publications. It was written by LM Shugurov belongs to the majority of sports and racing Muscovites. One of them - Moskvich-407-Coupe, built in 1962.

During the construction of the car was used Moskchicha base-407, with the coupé. It is worth noting that the base remained unchanged, as the front end, changed only the middle part of the car, because of what the trunk looked, to put it mildly, unpretentious. In addition to the appearance of such a transformation has been another significant drawback: because there was no rear seats, as part of the superstructure is changed and weight distribution of the axes, and not for the better. To download the drive wheels, as well as prevent disruption in the bank, in the trunk had to carry ballast weighing 100 kg.

Suspension vehicle remained virtually unchanged, there was only a rear stabilizer. The engine, borrowed from the model "403", has undergone a more thorough fine-tuning. He received the pistons to the wok, the cylinder head with a modified form of the combustion chamber (the compression ratio-9.5), a special racing camshaft and four racing motorcycle carburetors K-99. Engine power was 77 hp at 5500 r / min.

Via e va year - in 1964, the place, "403rd" took the new engine in the "408" volume of 1358 cubic centimeters. For the first time in the history of the domestic automobile equipped with two twin carburettors racing "Weber-40DCO". Significant gain in power is not produced (81 hp at 5600 rev / min), but it worked without failure at low revs. Maximum speed Moskvich-407-coupe is 145 km/h.

Generally, the car was built for winter hippodrome races, but also participated in the highway-ring races. On it in 1962, E. Lifshitz, won the bronze medalist of the USSR.

Unfortunately, both the existing instance Moskvich-407-coupe to the present day did not survive - went for scrap, which, alas, it was common practice in those years.

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