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Forgotten stars of the Soviet automobile industry

Soviet sports cars, auto rarities of USSR


Soviet sports cars - JUNA

In Soviet times, Moscow free buses plied the route N666, and citizens are standing at the bus stop, probably not even asked themselves the question, where, apart from the metro station "New Beacon Hill", you can drop in on such transport. Maybe that's why motorists with DIY-speaking Algebraistovy name, seeing that their car turned out "fucking beautiful", have taken, and called it "Satan." That's right, in Russian. In order not to confuse with the Volkswagen Santana, which did not yet exist, or Carlos Santana, who in that same 1969 recorded his first album.

Today "Satanist" Algebraistov's over sixty, and most of that time he has been designing and building cars. "Such as I, we have every kilometer - a dozen," - said Yuri Ivanovich. Once upon a time it was. The television was a computer transmission, which decent people interpreted as "it can", but indecent - like "Oh, your mother!" Kulibin graced the pages of newspapers on the streets were organized caravans samodelok ... reasonable, which took up algebraists This laborious affair, there were two. First, he said - wanted to know, "I can - I can not." The second - all on cars waiting in the USSR for decades, if anyone forgot.

As a child, George and his brother Stanislav built model airplanes. And so this carried away that quietly grew up, and along with the primacy of the Soviet Union on sport model aircraft have won. In their model, of course, was drawn to these planes. Stanislav trained as a pilot, and Yuri, alas, for reasons of health in the pilots did not work. And then he chose the profession of the driver. A driver on Algebraistovu, the driver is different in that more and auto repair is involved, and well versed in this.

Algebra, as is known, decided to confide harmony. That's because the brothers Algebraistovy simply could not meet with the brothers Sherbinin, reputable graphic artists and addicted to car design. Emerged creative team immediately engaged in the construction of a sports car. Suppose as a "donor" was chosen GAZ-24, but the design was supposed to be good, and the body plan to sculpt out of fiberglass. Outside it was in 1969.

Algebraistovs worked on the technical content of the project, Shcherbinina - on the forms. The car rolled out of the garage a year later. His first-born brothers, dubbed "Satan". The machine is really turned out pretty damned - turning sports coupe with sleek lines, fenders and hood are integrated and open access during the ascent to the "internal". Lights were covered by a switch board, had one wiper swing the entire area of ​​the glass. During one of the runs around the car were busy with cameras some foreigners. Years later, Yuri Ivanovich saw the "caretaker" of their design on the windshield of the "Mercedes" in the 124-m body.

"Satan" has fulfilled its nickname for the full program. Riding behind him hit the refrigerator so that the exclusive sports car came under standing in front of the truck, the hood while it dived under the rear axle, and load machine of rose! For "piece of iron" from the pipeline it would be a fatal accident, as, indeed, and for passengers. A fiberglass bodywork and "cure-it" had a couple of cracks but scratches. All this is glued, painted, and the consternation of passengers have cured the traditional Russian way.

In fact, "Satan" was considered a machine Stanislaus, and Yuri has always wanted his own. He built it and, subject to practical tests, as well as mistakes that he and his brother have made in the design. Hood, he decided to run separately from the wings - so the body has an even greater rigidity. And much more Yuriy remade. But three days before the All-Union rally in 1982, rolled out of the car close the garage, "Yoon", named after himself, George, and his wife Natasha.

The driver got no car, and a masterpiece: the fitting body panels, as the author says, and "Rolls Royce" would envy - the gaps are minimal. Again, look catchy! Hence the fame. In the 80s, "Yuen" not been invited to appear in domestic feature films. Behind her sat the wheel and Boris Shcherbakov, and Nicholas Karachentsov. Pilot-Cosmonaut Vladimir Dzhanibekov rode the "Una" during a rally samodelok, so much so that later persuaded Yuri Ivanovich give the car "to show off her in Star City." That familiarity with the "great", as well as participation in television shows and movies have helped to resolve the issue with Algebraistovu registration.

Today, "Juna" attacks for more than half a million kilometers. At such age and mileage of the car hard to maintain freshness. And Yuri Ivanovich decided to restyle. Under the hood slipped row "Six" from the BMW 525i. Glass doors and mirrors were electric. The exhaust system was tuned to sporting growl. Lights began to rise - this is called an electric motor and a pair of drives. With a body too badly algebraists pokoldovat: reduced thickness of the C-pillars, the front strongly inclined - even had to cut the door frame. The boot lid was opened from the bumper, also updated, and the hood was even less - that he often had to look at, if there are now "in earnest". The rear axle though, and remained on the GAZ-24, but was "Tchaikovsky" gear - 200km / h now holds without any problems and noise. The interior has changed everything: leather, alcantara ... Front seats - of course, Recaro. The instrument panel is a self-made, and the instruments themselves - grab-bag: something from the "Opel", something of a "Ford" ... But the car looks a unified, consistent, complete and perfect product. Body lay on a fresh bright red paint. Passers-by look back, "Probably," Ferrari ", a handsome devil."

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