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Forgotten stars of the Soviet automobile industry

Soviet sports cars, auto rarities of USSR



So, in the 1937. The same 1937 - repression, "Doctors' Plot" and so on. The party made it clear that avtomotosport us, though, we need that now you're sitting behind the wheel of a sports car, and tomorrow - for the levers of the tank. However, all were aware that the experience gained at the wheel of a homemade "sports car" in races on speed in a straight line is clearly insufficient. And hear a new appeal: "Designers need to think about the Soviet" blue birds "that would beat the world record," - wrote "The Truth". No, it's now on these lines can spit and grind, but in 1937 - is another matter. For designers and engineers of all stripes have become the order of these lines, a guide to action, or ... Plan for "enemies of the people" still has not been canceled.

Among other things, "tyuningerov" there were some people who knew - that order in the first place, refers to them. Vladimir Tsipulin included just one of those few "lucky". The creator of the first domestic car AMO-F15, the person who received in 1910, one of Russia's first title of engineer-motorist could not stay away, even if it is wanted. In 1937 he was Tsipulinu 55 years, and he participated in almost all more or less significant developments wheeled vehicles in the Russian Empire, and in the young republic.

The engineer visited many foreign plants in 1914 participated in the design and construction of the plant Nikolaev. In 1916, being seconded to the Chief of Military Engineering Management, was the technical lead military car repair shops in Odessa, and in 1917 - State Auto Repair Plant in the springs of Ivanovo Province. In October 1917, his origins (his father was a wealthy contractor steamship) almost gave up on the whole career, but a unique experience has allowed to continue doing things you love at home.

Vladimir Ivanovich had time to visit in leading positions of the largest and most famous automobile factories of the country: since 1919 - the Moscow Military Automobile "Spartacus" (the former car factory and vehicle-PP Ilyin, founder of La Blyuir car - Ilyin), from March 1920 - Technical AMO plant manager since January 1921 - his manager. Since 1922 - head of production department of the former Russo-Baltic railway car plant (after the revolution - 1st Armor-Tank-Automotive Plant), which was evacuated during World War II in the Moscow region Fili.


GAZ-TSAKS design VI Tsipulina. Behind the wheel Victor Kulchitsky. 1937

In late 1929, took his second trip abroad, now in the U.S. - the world leader in the automotive industry. Since 1933, he worked at the Research Institute for automotive (NATI) (later - the U.S.).


Without further ado it is clear that VI Tsipulin could not, like Anton Girelyu, just take the GAZ-A, put it in a sleek cocoon and set the engine GAZ-M1. Tsipulina work - it is not just home-made, and the first serious attempt to create a sports car - a cheap, affordable and fast as possible.

The choice of the donor was not original - the same GAS-A, model of 1932. But the chassis has undergone a thorough revision. Frame at the rear was markedly curved up to reduce the overall height of the body. The rear suspension remained unchanged - to cross semi-elliptic spring, but the front - the snake in four longitudinal quarter-elliptic leaf springs. Plus - the shock absorbers GAZ-M1 on all four wheels. Due to changes in body height steering column has a greater slope than at the production of GAZ-A. Roadster streamlined body made of sheet steel on a wooden frame, was more ergonomic and aesthetic, rather than body GAZ Girelya. Tsipulin firsthand was familiar with the work of AO Nikitin, and the vehicle floor pan was streamlined. The fuel tank is located behind the driver's seat.

Straight four-cylinder  power plant capacity 3285 cc. was borrowed from the GAZ-M1, but with an experimental aluminum cylinder head and increased to 6.0 compression ratio. Pre-revolutionary record, finally gave up - the power of this engine was the 60 hp at 3,100 rev / min. On the rear axle gearbox with a ratio of 2.9, three-gear all from the same GAZ-M1, the estimated rate of GAS-TSAKS was 135 km / h.

Vehicle size Tsipulina differed somewhat from the gas Girelya: Length - 4200 mm, width - 1670 mm Height - 1200 mm 2930 mm base; tire size - 28X4, 75 ", weight - 50 pounds less - 900 lbs. For spans the machine to venues were provided detachable lights.

Since Vladimir car built under the auspices of the Moscow Automobile Club of Central Sports, the car was named GAZ-TSAKS (sometimes you can find in print GAS-GAS-TSAMK or TSAMKS). Managed fireball known in those years, test tanks Victor Kulchitsky. He was known as a brave man, but the best result, which he achieved on the GAZ-TSAKS - 131.1 km / h. Then why the engine had worked intermittently. 30th September 1937 at the Zhytomyr highway TSAKS skip forward, even cars and Kleshchev Zharov, and they really anything at all were collected from discarded cans to run under three hundred thousand kilometers. Perhaps B. Tsipulinu and managed to bring his creation to the mind, but in the same 1937 he was arrested, and in 1940 was not an outstanding designer.

GAZ-TSAKS far outlived his creator. What is surprising - even the car survived the war, and in 1940-1950s, he was repeatedly seen on the streets of Moscow. His fate is unknown.

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