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Forgotten stars of the Soviet automobile industry

Soviet sports cars, auto rarities of USSR


Soviet sports cars - gaz-Torpedo

Experience a sports car was accumulated gradually. Of course, this process took place not as smooth as we would like - many pre-war sports car designer or were repressed (V. Tsipulin), or convert the design of military equipment (Nikitin, A. Puhalin). Professionals lacked catastrophically. And yet, on the flagship domestic auto industry were already people who have participated in the development of this kind: V. germs on ZISe and A. Smolin at GAZ.

Creating a new car, aviainzhener not relied on the support frame M20 - it creates a new body from scratch. Using all the same aircraft materials: aluminum and duralumin, A. Smolin has constructed a sleek teardrop-shaped body length 6300 mm, width 2070 mm, height 1200 mm, resulting much easier before - 1,100 kg.

Working in parallel on the modernization of the GAZ-C1, the designer had the opportunity to experience different power unit on the old chassis before installing the GAZ-Torpedo. After a series of tests was chosen "Pobedovsky" motor with increased to 2487 cc. volume and the supercharged "Roots" used in the second modification of C1. Its characteristics have remained unchanged - 105 hp at 4000 rev / min. In addition to the engine at SG2 were used a few more decisions, tried to "Victory-Sports", in particular a three-stage gearbox without synchromesh, and drive shaft in two parts with an intermediate support.

But its characteristics "GAZ-Torpedo" conceded created in the same year, the ZIS-112: salt goose speed - 191 km / h. Although the handling was much better SG2. By the way, "GAZ-Torpedo" - one of the few sports cars in those years, nearly surviving. Now the museum GAZ busy rebuilding.

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