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GAZ-Sport (GAZ-SG4)

Soviet sports car - GAZ-Sport (GAS-SG4)
GAZ-Sport (GAZ-SG4)

GAZ-Sport (GAZ-SG4), built in 1959, became the latest sports car, designed by a notorious aviainzhenerom AA Smolin. No, the designer himself, thank God, everything was in order - changed "install" on top - now ought to do Smolin design of vehicles on an air cushion. By the way, in fairness, it should be noted that the pen aviainzhenera belonged only to the car body. The engine, transmission, suspension and other units - the handiwork of the masters of the fleet N6 Moscow. But, again, all in order.

Already in 1956 it became clear that the GAZ-C1, which performed the works team, is hopelessly outdated. Yes, the championship of 1956 "Victory-Sports" took the gold medal, but not by the perfection of its design, but rather a design flaw of its competitors. C1, nevertheless, remained a production car, though, and thoroughly edited to participate in competitive sports. "Victory" was heavy, clumsy, with outdated suspension and high center of gravity. In 1956, AA Smolin, gathered in the fist the whole experience, once again sat down at the drawing board.

As a result of sleepless nights came GAZ-SG4 with suspension aluminum body, air suspension, all wheels, engine GAZ-21, aluminum crankcase. Appeared, it should be noted, so far only on paper. In 1957 he launched the project "in metal" - in a pilot workshop of GAZ were collected four of a car. Lightweight aluminum body with a small area of ​​the drag promised to be a pretty good basis for a sports car, but ... chief engineer AA Smolin has been translated into different direction, and three of the four "blanks", the now useless, sold N6 taxis in Moscow, where at that time worked fairly strong athletic organization.

Here, the cars were equipped with engines of GAZ-21 volume of 2445 cubic centimeters. Thanks to electronic injection system, developed by specialists of the Leningrad Institute of Computer Centre, developing 90 horsepower, coupled with low weight, it made it possible to reach speeds of up to 190 km / h. And thanks to low center of gravity GAZ-SG4 famous for excellent handling.

GAZ-Sport taxi station N6 exhibited in the race until 1965, and it should be noted, not without success. In 1962, Yuri Andreev won in SG4 for the national championship in third place, and in 1963 - he took his first "gold".

However, in 1967, when a class of sports cars in the domestic motor racing ceased to exist, all cars GAZ-SG4 were written off for scrap. Blasphemy, yes - but, alas and oh - by no means an isolated incident in our history.

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