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Forgotten stars of the Soviet automobile industry

Soviet sports cars, auto rarities of USSR



Soviet sports car - GAZ-GL1

In May 1938, disaster struck almost a world scale: at km race in Moscow with the start of the run on Gromov presented to him by a car in the U.S. "Cord 812" that do not differ to any differences from the factory, which nearly broke the record for the Soviet Union, developing speed of 141.565 km / h. Hero-pilot was very lucky that he has not held up to the record, although quite a bit. Who knows, he would have been a hero at all, and the pilot in particular, was such an incident? On the world scene looked so Soviet, to put it mildly, a lab and allow foreign technology reigns within our vast country ... Politburo a slap in the face could tolerate. Threat, as always, simply eliminated. No car - no problem, and a special decree was prohibited from using foreign techniques of competitions.



GAZ-GL1 E. Agitova design. 1938

Again, another problem arose. As already mentioned, classes avtomotosportom considered perhaps the best way to train military drivers (hence the game with explicitly militaristic bent - "find the enemy," "chasing a balloon," etc.), and what lessons could buy racer low-speed driving home-made car? Sports and racing cars in the country was not enough, and there is God Himself in the person of the party ordered to undertake the creation of such a vehicle on zvodah.


So at the Gorky Automobile Plant GAZ-GL1 appeared Eugene Agitova. Working in the factory, having a much greater financial and technical base than even VI Tsipulin, GAZ-TSAKS which has been built, yet, in a sports club - conditions far from ideal, Agit could create a truly stunning machine. For his services were the most advanced and modern design.

The donor appeared hopelessly out of date is no longer the GAZ-A, a GAZ-M1, commercially produced since 1935, who, in fact, a copy of the American Ford-V8-40, 1933. However, the issue of Ford's V-obraznika Gazovtsa master could not, and "Emka" recruited inline four-cylinder engine capacity of 3285 cc., Power 50 hp at 2800 rev / min. but also with American roots - it was a prototype power plant Ford-BB.

At the "bare" frame GAZ-M1 set streamlined single body with a protective windshield. By the way, the issues of streamlining EV Agit had his own point of view different from the opinions of Nikitin and Girelya Tsipulina. Body in the back of a "flattened" in the horizontal plane, forming a large tail.


GAZ-GL1 E. Agitova design. 1940

The engine has also been thoroughly reworked, from the increased compression ratio, the experimental cylinder head with larger diameter valves, issued for 65 hp at 3200 rev / min. "Pull" with more engine GAZ-M1 could not be anyone, either before or after Eugene Agitova. GAZ-GL1 mass was 1000 kg.


In October 1938 the test AF Nikolaev reached on a GAZ-GL1 average speed of 147.84 km / h at a distance of 1 km from the turn. But already in 1940 in a production of GAZ-11-73 with the new inline six-cylinder engine GAZ-11 capacity 3485 cc. managed to reach the speed of 140.077 km / h.

The conclusion suggests itself: we need upgrade the car, which was done. GAZ-GL1 bought a new power plant GAZ-11, forced to 100 hp at 3600 rev / min. But there were other difficulties: the first motor is strongly warmed, and, secondly, the aerodynamics also demanded improvements. Streamlined hood over the driver's head, a new grille, aerodynamic wheel trims allow some streamlining to improve the car, but weight increased to 1,100 kg. Maximum speed, which could squeeze out of the GAZ-GL1 modified - 161.87 km / h. It was the fastest car in the Soviet Union but abroad 10 years ago was beaten by a threshold of 350 km / h. Perhaps the outcome could be improved, but in 1941 the war began.

But experiments with the engine GAZ-11 were not in vain: in 1949 on the production car GAZ-12 was the same engine boosted to 90 hp By the way, the GAZ-GL1 - one of the few sports cars in those years, dozhivshy to this day. Today it is kept in the museum of GAZ.

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