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Forgotten stars of the Soviet automobile industry

Soviet sports cars, auto rarities of USSR

403e-424e Moskvich

Soviet sports cars - Moskvich 403e-424e
403e-424e Moskvich

In the late 1940s the domestic industry has developed by leaps and bounds. It is not surprising - the party is not dozing. Is not the last place was given to the automotive industry in general and motorsports in particular. GAZ has taken a strong position in the tracks of the country, on the heels of Gorky advanced Muscovites ZIS.

But ... every family has its black sheep, and so ugly at that time was a former factory CMM recently renamed MZMA (Moscow plant of small cars, and later - AZLK now - JSC "Moskvich"). In sports MZMA significant results in the first half-century has not achieved. It was time to take revenge.

It is worth noting that in those years MZMA had a very frail and technical base. Body KIM-10-50, for example, printed on the forms produced in the U.S. and Moskvich-400, in fact, not even a copy of the prewar Opel Kadet, it was them! Stamps body parts were taken from Germany as a trophy! No wonder that by the end of the 1940s look Moskvich-400 proved to be hopelessly out of date. The situation had to be saved, and in 1949 there was an experienced party car Moskvich-403E-424E (believed to have been built only six pieces, but the figure needs to be clarified). Affected the lack of design experience - the power frame and chassis remained unchanged, the main difference is the new hinged body panels, transmission with shift lever on the steering column and horizontal location of the spare wheel. Simply put, the wrapper has changed - still the same sweet. For the introduction of a new body (424) needed new stamps, which make their own MZMA could not, the currency to purchase them abroad as well has not been allocated, and a new body in the series did not go.

However, as is often the case that were not used in the civilian automotive industry, has found a place in motorsport, and in 1950 Moskvich-403E-424E went to the first USSR championship car racing. Instead of the outdated motor Moskvich-401 car was equipped with an experimental in-line four-cylinder engine Moskvich-403E, with an aluminum cylinder head, intake valves located at the top. Power unit volume of 1074 cubic centimeters. gave 33 hp at 3900 rev / min. Indicators such sufficient to propel a car weighing 880 kg to 110 km / h. But no more. It is not surprising that the success in 1950 Moskvich-403E-424E has not achieved. But the story does not end there.

Already in 1951 Moskvich-403E-424E brought in a new reinkarntsaii - coupe (two cars were converted out of six). Changes undergone and the power plant - now it was forced in-line four cylinder engine from the model "400" Extended to 1190 cc. working volume and increased to 6.5 compression ratio. In addition, the engine was equipped with an aluminum cylinder head, aluminum intake manifold and cam with the broader phases. His power was 35 hp at 4200 rev / min. Ridiculous figure for a sports car, but considering that the mass of compartment decreased by 30 kg (850 lbs), maximum speed increased to 123 km / h, and that was enough to the national championship in 1951 by AV Ipatenko Moskvich-403E- 424E Coupe won second place.

But on that note, the story does not end there! The spirit of competition has been firmly stuck in the hearts of designers MZMA, and in 1954 on the basis of a convertible roadster was built with a low body, called the Moskvich-404 Sport, compares favorably with his predecessors. First of all, thanks to a smaller area of ​​the drag significantly improved aerodynamics. In addition, the Moskvich-404-Sport was established then experienced verhneklapanny engine "404" with a hemispherical combustion chamber. With the volume in 1074 cc., 9.2 compression ratio, the engine gave out 58 hp at 4750 rev / min and a maximum speed of 147 km / h. Indicators are not God knows what, but it was enough to win the championship of the USSR, not once but three times in a row - from 1957 to 1959!

In fairness it should be noted that in the championship in 1959 Moskchiv-404-sport played with a new engine - a model "407", the volume of 1358 cubic centimeters., A compression ratio of 9.0, and a power of 70 hp at 4600 rev / min. The rate had risen to quite serious already 156 km / h

The further fate of the car is not known, but only to the present day dozhivshy Moskvich-403E-424E on display at the Riga Museum.

But its characteristics "GAS-Torpedo" conceded created in the same year, the ZIS-112: salt goose speed - 191 km / h. Although the handling was much better SG2. By the way, "GAS-Torpedo" - one of the few sports cars in those years, nearly surviving. Now the museum GAS busy rebuilding.

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